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Players2 - 5
Time20 minutes
Contents108 sushi cards, rule sheet
RulesDownload PDF
Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! is the super-fast sushi card game!

You are eating at a sushi restaurant, trying to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whizz by. Score points for collecting the most sushi rolls or making a full set of sashimi. Dip your favourite nigiri in wasabi to triple its value! And once you’ve eaten it all, finish your meal with all the pudding you’ve got! But be careful which sushi you allow your friends to take, it might be just what they need to take the lead!

Game design and art by Phil Walker-Harding.

Sushi Go! Promo Video
A quick video that introduces Sushi Go! and shows you how to play.

Sushi Go! is now being published by Gamewright.
The new edition is now available from stores like Games Paradise in Australia
and CoolStuffInc in the USA.

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